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Note: We don't have all detail about Play Group Nursery School as of now, information displayed is based on data available in public domain. Our support team is in process of verifying school detail earliest possible. Once we know number of teachers and staff in Play Group Nursery School it will be displayed here. We are also checking if Play Group Nursery School is providing transport facility or parents need to arrange for transport, and whether it is Co-ed school or not, and other details. We appreciate your patience and rest asured that we are commited to provide accurate information about schools as much as possible.

  • No of teachers
    We don't have this information yet
  • No of support staff
    We don't have this information yet
  • Co-education
    Yes, for both boys & girls
  • Transport facility
    School Managed
  • Mobile
    Secured information, not allowed to be displayed here
  • Phone
    Secured information, not allowed to be displayed here
  • Email
    Secured information, not allowed to be displayed here
  • Website
  • Working Hours
    From: 0900 To: 1630


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