About us

Our mission is to make play school search extremely easy!

We’ve been in business since 2014 and there is only one target for our highly qualified team - provide high quality school listing and make play school search extremely easy for parents, as easy as possible.

What we do to get closer to our target

Our expert team keep searching for schools and collecting information about schools. They try to reach school admin (usually school manager or principal) and get detail about schools. They ensure that school listed is valid and detail mentioned are correct. Playschoolworld allows school admins to create account and manage their school listing fully. School admin can update school detail, create galleries, upload admission forms, upload results and can provide many other information. Fully customized menu display system makes effectively anything possible to display as a menu item with detail. These features and our expert team helps school admin to keep school listing easily updated, and this helps parents to know accurate and up-to-date information about school.

And what we don't do

Playschoolworld do not promote or advocate for any specific school. It is advisable for parents that you search, apply, read reviews and carefully take decision on finalizing school for your children. Make sure to go physically to know more about school, even after admission keep visiting school once in a while to know more and stay connected with update about school, your Kids, teachers, environment, transport, Security features etc. Most school often invite parents/guardians, make sure to use that opportunity.

Our team

Sujeet Kumar
Sujeet stays in VA, USA. He started his career as programmer at age of 18 when he was in Patna, India. He's a code expert, and he can do anything in .NET, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP. He often visits India to meet team members.

Swati Roy
Swati is founder of Playschoolworld Educational Services. She left her teaching job at a multinational education house and started Playschoolworld in 2014. Initially she started this with family and friends and now she works with 16 full time and dedicated experts. She loves to talk to parents, school admin and kids and keep working on new ideas to improve our services.

Anisha stays in Gurugram, India. She naturally loves to travel across India, which help us to connect with more and more schools, parents and children across different cities. Anisha got several State and National awards for her work in field of education and women empowering.

Satish is fun loving guy and help Playschoolworld team to stay energetic and dedicated to support parents and school admins. He works with Swati to prepare marketing strategies and bringing improvement every day.

Rajeev Kumar
Rajeev is co-founder of Playschoolworld.com. He is an expert of Playschoolworld system workflow and helps us creating more experts. Apart from Knowledge transfer, he focuses on quality analysis task as well.

Rahul Ranjan
Rahul is one of super expert in understanding system workflow. He keeps reviewing school listing every time to make sure the listing are of high quality and with accurate and up-to-date information.

Aparna is superb in time management, and with her communication skill she helps several users every day. She can talk in Hindi, English, Bangla and Tamil.

Abhinav Jha
Abhinav is an iPhone lover. When he is not with his iPhone, he helps us with his new idea to improve listing quality, different ways to connect with parents and schools. He is also managing our social media engagements.

Everyone else
Expert in supporting parents and schools!

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