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Welcome to Funland Kindergarten - a great place for education, running successfully for the past 25 years with a curriculum to enhance curiosity and attention span. We offer excellent infrastructure, hygiene, AC classrooms and a huge outdoor play area. The teaching staff, apart from being very well-trained and cheerful, are extremely caring - qualities essential in a kindergarten teacher. The classrooms are big and colourful. We ensure that every child is given personal attention, and it is with

Funland kindergarten is built around the strong belief that the childhood of a little one is precious.
Making children feel loved and cared for
Giving unconditional love and acceptance
Boosting their self Esteem
Creating an environment giving each child strong roots to grow and wings to fly
The Play- way Method:
Funland is true to its name - the motto being - 'Where Learning is Fun!'. The students literally enter a land filled with fun and excitement while learning the ways of life by play and exploration. All our programs are tailored to foster every child’s social, aesthetic and motor skills. The tiny tots are introduced to studies in such a way that there is no pressure on them. Interesting new techniques and teaching aids are used in the school while preparing them for admission in bigger schools.
Funland Kindergarten aims at utilizing the utmost curiosity of children during their tender age. We bring your children in a vibrant atmosphere where they make friends, enjoy and explore their new daily task with fun. We believe that Education is what remains, after one forgets all that has been taught. It is beyond academics. It is learning for life. Practical activities, scaffold by a caring framework ensures that the child learns without actually being aware of the coaching process. Funland Kindergarten nurtures your child’s all-round development with integrated social and cultural experiences. It values your child as an independent and capable individual, rich in wonder and with a thirst for knowledge. The classroom environment evokes deep curiosity and wonder, allowing children to explore and discover the world. At Funland, work and play are intricately combined. With an aim to make children future-ready, teachers use a combination of latest teaching aids and traditional ways to make learning fun for children. Life skills including discipline, teamwork and leadership are integrated in the curriculum. The essence of Funland Kindergarten is the j

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