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Best play schools in Hsr-Layout

Best play schools in hsr-layout, Preschools in hsr-layout 1725 views

Oi Play School H S R Layout

Working HoursMonday - Saturday: 8.30 AM - 7 PM

# Plot no - 1496, 19th Main, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Near Agara bus depot, Bangalore Land Mark: Near Agara Bus Depot
HSR Layout, karnataka

Best play schools in hsr-layout, Preschools in hsr-layout 1040 views

TIME Kids Bangalore HSR Layout

Please call or email to know school details!

House No. 1385, 25th Main, 26th Cross,Sector- 2 HSR Layout, Opposite Purva Fairmont Apts. Bangalore – 560102
HSR Layout, karnataka

Best play schools in hsr-layout, Preschools in hsr-layout 928 views

Little Elly Play School

Please call or email to know school details!

Plot No. 2, First Floor , Honey dew Mansion, 7th Sector , H.S.R. Layout, Bangalore- 560102 Land Mark: Near BDA Complex
H.S.R. Layout, karnataka

Best play schools in hsr-layout, Preschools in hsr-layout 540 views

Little Amigos Preschool

Please call or email to know school details!

#152, 4th Cross, 24th Main, HSR Layout, Sector – 1, Bengaluru
HSR Layout, karnataka

Best play schools in hsr-layout, Preschools in hsr-layout 557 views

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school

Please call or email to know school details!

No: 1138, 17th Cross Sector-7, HSR Layout, Bengaluru – 560 102, Karnataka
HSR Layout, karnataka

Best play schools in hsr-layout, Preschools in hsr-layout 472 views

Budding Kidz Montessori Preschool

Budding Kidz Montessori Preschool, HSR Layout, Sector-2 – Bengaluru-102
HSR Layout, karnataka

Best play schools in hsr-layout, Preschools in hsr-layout 137 views

FirstCry Preschool

Plot no - 1496, 19th Main, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Near Agara Bus Depot, Bangalore - 560102
HSR Layout, karnataka

Best play schools in hsr-layout, Preschools in hsr-layout 110 views


#48, 11th Cross, 18th Main, Sector-4, Opp. TVS Showroom, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560102
HSR Layout, karnataka

Best play schools in hsr-layout, Preschools in hsr-layout 104 views


Please call or email to know school details!

1490. 20th Main HSR Layout, Sector-1 Near BMTC Bus Depot. HSR Layout, Bangalore
HSR Layout, karnataka
Admission Open

Best play schools in hsr-layout, Preschools in hsr-layout 103 views


HSR Layout, Bangalore Karnataka-560100
HSR Layout, karnataka

Best play schools in hsr-layout, Preschools in hsr-layout 84 views

Eurokids Pre-School

Cherry Tree, 1484, 20th Main, 11th Cross, Sector-1, HSR Layout, Bangalore - 560102 India
HSR Layout, karnataka

Dear Parents, you can view all Playschools in Hsr-Layout and all Preschools in Hsr-Layout here. The preschools in Hsr-Layout provides wide range of Programs like day care, after school, Play group, Nursery, Kindergarten, with lot of features & facilities like healthy foods, secured and healthy environment for kids. Day care and after school care specially provides convenience to the working couples and single parent. While searching for Montessori schools in Hsr-Layout make sure that school follow the real concepts of Montessori concepts. Check with other parents read reviews to know detail and find best school in Hsr-Layout. Now a days you can find Preschools in Hsr-Layout and in other city in every another street. It is difficult to know quality and security features in each and every schools. At Playschoolworld you can view school details, ratings, review before deciding which one is best preschool for your kids. We request to visit the school in person and enquiry about all detail before taking admission for your child. After all, you want to find a school which provides care like what you provide at home, and for sure there is one for your little one!

Playschools in Hsr-Layout

Playschools are places or centres that provide care and socialisation learning to our children. Playschools are usually run by nursery school teachers who have passion to teach younger children. The kids enrolling in Playschools are usually between 2-5 years of age, when they are at very young age. Putting a kid in a Playschools is helpful to the mothers (specially working mother) as well as the students as they get to meet and interact with new kinds of people and learn to be an extrovert. The preschools teach the students variety of subjects on the lines of art and craft where they can develop their creative skills further. Additionally, they celebrate Teachers Day and other important events at the Playschools and create plays too. As modes of payments, most of them accept cash, digital payments, online payments and cheques from their clients. In Playschoolworld parent's can find the exhaustive range of Playschools in Hsr-Layout. Playschools usually includes Play group, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten. In recent past lot of methodologies have emerged in how to teach the kids of age group 0–6. Montessori is one of the main Methodologies used in Indian preschools. All Montessori schools in Hsr-Layout follow the Montessori curriculum which consider every child unique.

Playgroups in Hsr-Layout are the basic foundations of your child's growth and education!

Every parents go through the phase of searching best playschool for their kids. Playschoolworld provides huge number of verified school listing from all over India and that is our vision to make searching school easy for parents. When your little one is ready to go to school, you need to put some effort to find out an appropriate Playschool for kids learning and growth. Remember that your child will be leaving the comforts of his/her home for the first time ever and hence you need to provide some careful consideration in picking out a reliable school for the small one. There are many well-known playgroups in Hsr-Layout that provide a suitable learning atmosphere for small children between the ages of 3-5 years. Such special schools, also known as kindergarten schools, provide pre-school experiences to children and make them ready for their journey ahead. Search Playschools in Playschoolworld and find out one near you today and prepare your child for a better future.

What do children do at Playschools?

At Playschools in Hsr-Layout, children get plenty of opportunities to learn things via activities. These include craft and construction activities, adventure play, sand and water play, art, books and stories, and music and movement among others. It helps to strengthen their motor skills and also allow them to learn things on their own. Other than these, they also learn to socialize with children of the same age group. Such schools usually run daily for an hour or two. They have a relaxed environment where our child can feel comfortable outside the comforts of their own home.

How are Playschools beneficial for children?

Playschools provide an opportunity to your child to explore the world outside home, learn through creative and unstructured methods. They also help to develop social skills in children because they learn to interact with others, share and make friends. They learn how to manage stress and easily adapt to change. The pre-schools build attachments between children and adults as they share a reasonable amount of time and experiences with each other. Children get the opportunities to reason and solve problems too.

How can you choose a good play school for your kid?

Before you enrol your child in a play school, you must do some homework to make kid's time useful and your investment worthy. After all, it is a matter revolving the most precious gift of your life- your child. Things that you need to check are mentioned below.
1. You should visit the school personally to find out how the environment is.
2. How do the children appear? Do they look happy?
3. See if there are sufficient toys, books and play equipment, things that would easily attract children.
4. Find out how clean the place is because hygiene is important.
5. Check Safety and security measures available in play school for children. Check even for the small things like school is properly fenced or not? Safety and security of your child is a primary concern.
6. Talk to the teachers to see how welcomed do you feel and also if they are keen to provide you with all the necessary information.
7. Another important thing is the teacher-student ratio. A reliable playgroup should not have more than 15-20 children per batch. Lesser the strength of the class, better would be the attention of the teachers towards your child.
8. Distance from residence, How comfortable will be children in travelling?
9. Other things to consider are the school's reputation, infrastructure, tuition fee, the timing of the school, Play ground, space, Quality of Food(if provided), Water quality etc.
10. What is your expectations regarding the Playschool? Does it meets?

What is the approximate fee at Playschool?
The fee usually differ from one play school to another depending on several things like locality, reputation of school and place where it is located. In Hsr-Layout Playschools provide a superb platform for your child’s learning and development. While there are plenty of reputed play schools around, the best ones you can find on Playschoolworld. Given below is an approximate cost.
Playschool Approximate cost
School Fee 15,000 onwards
Admission Fee 0 to 3,00,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Playschool or Play school?

A play school is a place where a child of age group 2- 6 goes to learn. As the teaching methods in Play school involves play, its called as Playschool.

At what age do kids attend a Playschool?

Generally speaking, children between the ages of two to six attend a playschool. Schools in Hsr-Layout are not exceptions. But it is not so easy to decide for a right age for playschools or kindergarten. Parents have different opinions and reasons for enrolling their children in preschool at different ages. However, most parents choose pre school admission between 2 years to 3 years of age.

Will my toddler have to wear a uniform at the playschool?

It completely depends on the playschool in question. Though most of the playschools in Hsr-Layout don’t have a uniform, please enquire with them before proceeding with the admission process.

Do playschools in Hsr-Layout provide meal to kids?

Yes, many playschools provide very good nutritious meals to all the admitted toddlers, however parents must be watchful.

Are the environment and toys at the playschool safe for my kid?

All playschools try to keep environment safe and clean and maintain good hygiene, also they use 100% safe and non-toxic toys for their development programmes. However it is recommended to go to kids playschool regularly and ensure saftey measures are in place.

What are top 5 playschools in Hsr-Layout?