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Posted By: Rajeev Kumar | 27 Mar 2019

Hello All,

Today's topic of my discussion is - What we eat everyday.

Do you think about it often, like what you eat daily. What you cook and how much nutrients it contains, what is good for health and what is not? or you prepare food based on taste? Answer can be anything and its true that slowly we are moving from preparing health based food to taste based. We moved further and don't bother about ordering food online. Here i am not going to explain what is good and what is bad. I just want to make a note that be aware of what you cook what you order what you eat. We can enjoy food keeping health intact, there are multiple way, but first thing is take the driving seat and decide what you want, start thinking about what you eat. that's all.
One simple question - do you drink water or warm water in empty stomach? i have heard this gives lot lot of benefits and started drinking water in empty stomach everyday. But as i am adult, i need to stay tuned to increase the quantity to 1 L or more.....


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