Student Zone!
What is Student Zone?
Student Zone is special section/page for each school listed in Here students can see all the assignments or any documents shared by school for its student.
How to access Student zone?
This depends on setting done by School Admin - A School admin has option to set any of three type of access -
Public - Anyone can access assignment.
Public - All logged in users of Playschoolworld can access assignment (Recommended).
Restricted - Assignment can be accessed only by providing a common code.
How it is useful for Students?
Student can simply go to Student Zone and view all the assigment available.
How it is useful for Schools/School Admin?
This is great way to easily communicate with Students, for Schools and Schol Admin. School admin can share assignments with students.
Is it paid service for Schools or Students?
No, it is absolutely free.
Do parents need to pay any participation fees?
Absolutely No.
I have more questions, who can help?
Please write to us at is SSL secured and being scaned to detect any virus everyday, so you can browse without any worry.

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