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Posted By: Parul Sharma | 18 Sep 2019

Doing good for others can start as early as two years a child can see another child with any expression. Couple years back my little boy was on the way to his preschool in Noida. He became sad as he saw a child of his age was begging at us, my son was anxious to know what and why the child was doing so, his eyes were filled with many questions. The child was starving due to hunger and he did not have anything to eat. I consoled my son and said let's make him happy by sharing some portion of our food with him to make his tummy full. And actually that child became so happy after having the proper meal, and this brought smile on son's face! 😊 This is just example of how by using expression appropriate language through stories and books your child can begin to understand emotions. Thanks to Novy Nest Preschool for helping him develop empathy! The emotions what other might have in these kind of situation allows your child to develop a story in their mind how others live and what they might feel and importantly how we can help them to feel better and overcome a bit from their situations. Some conversations, story times and shared experience help a child to be more caring and become a good human being. As a parent it's important to help a child to grasp the importance of giving back. Their Daycare & Preschool teachers can also help in this. Motivate them be encouraging to donate the old toys that they don't play with anymore. Teach them the why behind saying 'please' and 'thank you'. Passing beautiful smile 😊 to atleast 5 people daily while passing through their way.

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