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Pradyuman, we are ashamed my dear


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Posted By: Playschoolworld | 09 Sep 2017

Pradyuman, we are ashamed my dear!

We all missing you and want you come back anyway if possible. We are ashamed of the world we are living in. We are ashamed of some of the people around us, and we are ashamed of that we could not saved you from demon living in human form with us.

We are sure there are some good people around us and they must be taking care of your parents, who of course missing you most. We are sure if given an opportunity to talk once, you'll express the infinite love for your mummy-papa. That's all about human relationship, that's all about human, that's all which keep us living. We understand as food take care of body, the love from child like you keeps the heart and soul live and understand the pain your parents suffering now. We can see that pain but cannot share that. we are ashamed my dear!

Definitely people will say that your extreme sacrifice will not go waste. This will change the system enormously. But that is not what we wanted from you, that is not what you were born for. We wanted you like any other child to stay with us in this world. we are ashamed my dear!

Such things (what happened to you) is anyway wrong in any place and form, but definitely it was worst in this case. We cannot forget your face shown by TV channels 24 hours now a days. Even when enquiry will complete, demon will be punished, channels will stop talking about this, but for millions of us, we can never-never forget your face.

We don't know what you liked most in - chocolate, biscuits, juice, Kinderjoy (oh dear...), toys, cars, remote car, remote aeroplane...or anything else which i am missing? We pray God to give you your favorite chocolate and toys and keep you happy always. We are not able to save you, but God is powerful and must be able to keep you happy and safe as well.

As you are out of this demon world and reached the eternal, immortal world, you are more powerful than anyone, you are in more peace than anyone. Stay happy dear. We pray God to give strength to your parents, brothers, sisters & other relatives and lot of other people who is crying for you. Of course they are worried about their children, but they all are missing you and everyone have regret that some demon taken you away from us and we just watched it.

Dear lovely Pradyuman, stay blessed and happy. Just try to come back dear....

We are, and we'll be ashamed always!
Lot of love, love, love.....


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