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Posted By: Playschoolworld | 23 Oct 2018

Play schools and Preschools in India is growing exponentially
From last few years play school market is growing exponentially. In every town and villages, you will find lot of play schools. In villages this is still growing up, but in town and metros, you can see a play school, literally in every street. That explain how fast play school and early childhood education sector is growing!

Montessori a Growing Trend for Play Schools
It is very high trends that parents are looking for school which follow Montessori methodology in Creative Curriculum with more added learning areas.

Supported by recent trends in brain research and highlighted in current scientific studies , Montessori education is an increasing popular alternative for many parents. While typically associated with pre-school aged children, there are Montessori programs for children from infancy through middle school with increased interest in the development of high school models as well. Currently, Montessori schools can be found in over 110 countries on six continents.

Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, developed the Montessori method of education over 100 years ago. Through her observations of children at work and play, Dr. Montessori recognized that humans experience distinctive developmental periods in their journey from birth to adulthood. Montessori knew that if children were placed in a learning environment specifically designed to meet their needs at a particular developmental period, learning would be effortless, joyful, and satisfying.

Montessori has several key components that distinguish it from other modes of education. Montessori classrooms are multi-aged, encompassing children in a 3-year mixed age group, and tend to be large, often with 28 – 30+ children per class. These features permit children to learn at their own pace and offer opportunity to both lead and follow from their peers. Montessori teachers, or Guides, are specially trained in the developmental needs of the children at the age they serve. Their classroom, also known as the prepared environment, boasts beautifully constructed, scientifically designed hands-on manipulative materials, each one highlighting a particular idea or concept. Montessori learning environments support the development of the whole child, encompassing the social, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development of the individual. The development of independence, free will and a love of work support the child in a lifetime of learning.

In India many Play school groups using Montessori methodology and also making compulsory for teachers to be Montessori trained.

Learn more about Montessori Education at Wikipedia

More focus on Security & Safety

Security and safety of children is at top priority for any school ow a days. No doubt that everyone want security and safety of their children first, before any education! All play schools are now a days more concerned about safety and security of their children as we know children are most valuable assets! Schools are using lot of methods and following lots of process to make sure safety and security of children in their play school. Many schools are equipped with CCTV at entrance, security guards to make sure only children and teachers are allowed inside school. If you have noticed, schools are not allowing child to go with anyone unknown. School campuses are equipped with fire extinguishers & safety gates. Most of the schools use to have Doctors available always and keeping environments Hygienic.

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Most parents looking for English medium school

Well, nothing great about English school, but remember India and its population and number of small villages and towns. Still millions of people are illiterate, and many did not went to study after few classes, and they want their kids to learn and speak English. So they keep trying for admission of their kids in English medium school. And anyway a highly educated parents also wants English medium school for kids, Isn't it!


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