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Posted By: Priya Gupta | 14 Feb 2020

The education sector in India is one of the most profitable sections providing a broad range from small to large play school franchise opportunities. Playschool franchise is also an opportunity to make a difference by enriching quality education easily accessible to the children at the early stage of their learning. This provides businessmen and entrepreneurs many options to explore the most promising play school franchise opportunity across India.
If you are looking for the playschool franchise business model, then Brain Discovery Global School is one of the most lucrative playschools which offers zero risks playschool franchise opportunity in Delhi/NCR. It is the preschool & daycare chain run by reputed doctors & educationists. The school has a complete bagless system with an advanced curriculum that is developed by Doctors & Educationists after long research.
The merits of Brain Discovery Playschool Franchise are:
1) The total investment requires for starting your own playschool is INR 10-12 Lacs.
2) The minimum area required for starting your own playschool is 1800 sqft and for maximum, there is no limit.
3) We offer 60 students admission guarantee in the first year itself with 100% academic support.
4) We do not charge any Royalty fees until the Break-even point.
5) The buy-back option is also available, that is if we do not want to run the school we will buy it back but after a period of 12 months.
6) We provide full online marketing support with offline promotions & marketing too.
7) We provide the team of our experts who will search the property for starting your own playschool.
8) The school has a team of experts for setting up the complete playschool within 20 days.


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