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Posted By: Rajeev Kumar | 05 Oct 2018

Join your hands against death sentence worldwide.

God gives life and only he can take it away. It is nothing more then that such kind of justice kills the people twice. One by crime and one by execution

If I will say anything against hanging, some people might think opposite, which I don’t want. I have just one question for you – what we are giving or adding to human civilization. Shouldn’t we move our civilization just one step ahead? Yes we can. we can do it by erasing this dirty spot from the map of world. Let us come join hands together to make this done. What we can do – First of all we need our interest to be focused on this.

The worst thing –
The worst thing in this consequence is, India is one such country where hanging is still being used as super execution.

The best thing –
The best thing is you are reading this post which is not worth just what it looks. Its more then that.

The law and the executions which follow the death sentences must be strongly condemned by us.

Thank you!


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