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Little Elly Pallikaranai


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Posted By: Sonu Pillay | 16 May 2017

Whenever we select school for our little ones, we should look for the behavior of the staff in the school.

Sometimes school may charge little high, but with my personal experience I feel that when my child is small she should be in safe hand so that I am satisfied and tension free.

My child is currently going to Little Elly Pallikaranai and I love it. Reason for selecting Little Elly Pallikaranai are;

1) Friendly, caring teachers and other staff.

2) Centre Head is always ready to listen to our requirements.

3) Good curriculum, method of teaching.

4) Child loves to go to school.

5) Lot of extracurricular activities.

6) Individual care and attention given to each child.


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