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Inculcate cultural values in kids from childhood


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Posted By: PURNIMA BHARGAVA | 08 Nov 2019

India is one of the diverse nations in the world that has different religions and their festivals. Celebrating festivals helps in creating bonds, love, and feeling of belongingness. Every festival is associated with a story. Tell this story to the kids to understand the importance of the occasion.
Apart from this, the daycare and preschool can teach other cultures and the respective festivals. A preschool consists of students of all religions and hence, children can assimilate various cultures and develop respect towards each other. This will help create a better individual and society in general. For example: In my kid's preschool near me, festivals like Navratri, Diwali, Eid, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Christmas. They also ask kids to role-play of various characters which include dressing up and dialogues recital, storytelling happens, thematic dressing is a part as well. This helps to create memories in a visual way that promotes strong values, habits, creativity. At school, we also called a senior citizen for storytelling. This is an added advantage since it helps babies learn in an authentic way and feel more towards the community. Not just kids, the old people get a chance to develop a bond with kids which is a kind of heritage in our Indian system.
Once in one such session, the elderly person who took the session in my daycare in Noida got very encouraging responses from kids since kids were fascinated by the style and intonation.


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