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Posted By: Parul Sharma | 21 Oct 2019

Someone wisely said that “A connected childhood is the key to happiness “. Happiness is what we feel inside us; the satisfaction after putting efforts in right direction in accomplishing any task. Happiness is when we blissfully accept the faults and prime to rectify them with pride.
We all want the same thing for our kids. We want to them to grow up to love and to be loved, to follow their dreams,to find success but importantly we want them to be happy. How much control do we have over children’s happiness.
There are various research which clearly shows that happy optimistic children are the source of happy homes.
Somewhere I was conversant with the importance of being happy in life but was little muddled how to make my child learn to be happy in whatever circumstances he is in.
As these days lot of mothers are working, preschool makes a difference. I enrolled my kid in a preschool near me whose approach to early childhood education is downright different.
The teachers made one to one connection with my child which actually helped him feel secure in my absence. It is said that happy parents are likely to have happy kids but I strongly believe that enjoying in preschool also contribute to a child to be a happy child. And it helped my child to be more lively like he is today.
- My child was fond of his preschool because of the friendly environment,it was a home away from home.
- Their spectacular activities assisted my child in his overall growth physically, emotionally, mentally.
- His preschool made me realise the importance of learning with fun without screen time. Less screen time prior to the age of 13 helps them to be more happy, relaxed, and creative.
- The surest way to promote your child’s lifelong emotional well-being is to help him/her connected to you, other family members,friends and daycare providers. If we put our in a bubble and grant them their every wish and desire that is what they grow to expect but the real world doesn’t work that way.
- We should emphasis on the practical approach of life and assist our children to follow the same.
- We should nurture them by revealing the pros and cons of everything we do which will help them to encounter the reality with a happy mindset.


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