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How to protect kids from pollution


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Posted By: PURNIMA BHARGAVA | 24 Nov 2019

Being a teacher for a preschool in Noida, I want to share my thoughts on exposure to outdoor playing.

Today pollution is an alarming problem that is affecting the health of human beings especially the kids. Children who are exposed to air pollution lead to reduced lung function, respiratory infections, asthma, burning eyes, breathing problems, chronic diseases. To reduce the effects of air pollution kids should be given a healthy diet such as leafy green vegetables such as spinach, carrots, radish, omega 3 fats, Broccoli, foods rich in Vitamin 3 which reduce the effects of air pollution. Jaggery is another good source that helps in reducing the ill effects of air pollution. Apart from giving a rich diet, we should also ask our kids to plant more and more trees and plant at home as well as outside. We should teach them not to burn crackers or should not get indulge in such activities which increases pollution.

24 Nov 2019 | Playschoolworld Admin
Wonderful and very relevant. Thanks for writing!

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