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Exposure to outdoor playing


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Posted By: PURNIMA BHARGAVA | 24 Nov 2019

Being a teacher for a preschool in Noida, I want to share my thoughts on exposure to outdoor playing.

In this time of Technology where kids are exposed to mobile, phones, Tablets, T.V. and other gadgets. Playing with these gadgets endless hours sitting at home and less exposure to outdoor activities is affecting their health. Many cases of obesity. Due to deficiency of vitamin D pain in legs and joints is coming out. Playing outdoor games can improve mental and physical health in children . It also helps in shaping their personality as well as develop social skills. They may learn important life lessons, get to explore nature, strengthen their muscles and bones , build immunity, They can breathe fresh air as well as get exposure to sunshine can naturally provide vitamin D. Indulging in outdoor playing /activities kids make new friends, take turns to play and acquire social and communication skills. It makes them lead a healthier life.


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