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Result: Playschoolworld Drawing competition - 29-MAR-2021 WINNERS

Dear users, unfortunately we do not see more entries for Biweekly competitions and to make it more competitive we have changed the competition from Biweekly to Monthly. Please continue to Participate, upload your entries as usual, and keep spreading the words about this Competition so that more and more kids can benefit. Thank you.
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Winners selected by Judges:

Posted on 3/17/2021 10:47:40 AM
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Respect women
P.R.Vishruuthaa, Chennai
5 years
Entry ID = 2223
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Posted on 3/28/2021 8:24:49 AM
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Winter season
BARSHA DEY, Murshidabad
7 years
Entry ID = 2236
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Posted on 3/18/2021 6:22:34 PM
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Childhood memories
Ipsa modak, Siliguri
9 years
Entry ID = 2225
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