Drawing & Colouring Competition!

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Who can participate?
Any child between 2 to 10 years of age can participate.
How to participate in Drawing & Colouring Competition?
Login to Playschoolworld and click "Drawing & Colouring Competition" link. Once clicked you will be routed to competition home page to upload soft copy.
When i should upload entries to participate in Competition?
You can upload your entries anytime. All entries uploaded on or before Sunday 11:59 PM IST, to be considered for immediate next Monday Competition.
What other details except soft copy required?
  • Child name and Age.
  • School name if child is going to school.
How many kids will get prizes every week?
Every Monday (starting 11th April 2020), best 8 entries from last week will be declared as winners. Each entry will get certificate of participation. Best entries selected by our respected judges cannot be challanged. Some awesome entries may not be in the best entries as we are selecting only 8 best entries, so we request users to keep kids motivated and let them try again.
How drawing & colouring is included in same competition?
Some kids love drawing, some love colouring. What we can do is let them do what they love and based on Age, categories, best entries will be select by our judges.
Do parents need to pay any participation fees?
Absolutely No.
Can same child participate multiple times?
Yes, you can upload as many entries as you wish, we dont know which one may turn best.
Can school admin use his/her account to upload entries?
Yes, school admin can also upload entries on behalf of his/her kids, however we advice to register as paraents for better experience.
I was chatting to a support guy yesterday, but why I am not able to view chat history?
We do not keep chat history. We use third party tool tawk to communicate with user and also user can drop a message to us when we are offline. This helps to listen to users and help instantly. If you want solution for any issue to be retained for future reference, we recommend drop an email to us.
Where can I download the Certificate?
Certificate can be downloaded from same page/location where you uploaded the entries for Competition. Link to Download Certificate should be available next to the entry and below Rank.
How I know if entry uploaded by me for my kids is eligible for Certificate and Gift Vouchers?
Best 8 entries (Rank 1 to 8) are eligible for Certificate and Gift Vouchers.
Entry uploaded by me is ranked in best eight, still I don't see Certificate and Gift Vouchers link
Please rate the school where your child is studying. Please search school and in school home page you can rate/review. Once you provide your rating/review, Certificate and Gift Vouchers link will be available instantly. If you are not able to search your kids school, please drop us an email or ping us if we are online.
Entry uploaded by me is ranked in best eight, Also I rated my kids school, still I don't see Certificate and Gift Vouchers link, why?
We have seen this happens only when parents uploaded entry with one account and rated/reviewed school with another account. We request to rate/review school listing with same account which was used to upload entries for Weekly Drawing and Coloring Competition.
Entry for my child was not selected in best eight, can I get certificate of participation?
A Big Yes. We should do all effort to motivate kids. As of now we are not providing participation certificate by default, but it is available on demand. Drop us an email with all detail and we'll revert with Certificate of Participation.
Where i can see Goft Voucher link for 11th May 2020, and 28th May 2020?
Goft Voucher link for 11th May & 28th May Competition wont be available in Playschoolworld.com, Gift voucher for these two weeks was sent in email/mobile. For 25th May and onwards competition its available in site.