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Last year when i was returning to India (Pune) and looking for play schools for my daughter, Playschoolworld.com helped me a lot to search schools in Pune. Great work team PSW, keep it up & thanks a lot for making life easier.

Sujeet Kumar, Virginia


Virginia, USA

I am working with Tarachand Dhanuka Academy, Thakurganj. In this website School Admin can create as many menu and description as required, apart from creating photo albums, checking users review, uploading admission forms, results etc. To summarise playschoolworld.com made all my job very easy which i need to perform as a school admin.

Dinanath Pandey, Thakurganj

Mr Dinanath Pandey

Tarachand Dhanuka Academy, Thakurganj

I was searching for preschool to put my grandchild in Nursery. Playschoolworld.com has lot of schools listed from Hyderabad and this helped me to search schools near my house.

Mrs Rani Sanyukta, Hyderabad

Mrs Rani Sanyukta

Hyderabad, India