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Posted By: Aparna Pankaj Mahto | 28 Sep 2016

Preschool children need to sleep a lot. It is important for their health. Parents should help kids develop good, consistent habits for getting to sleep.

* Keep a winding down period - Ask your child to get ready for bed half an hour before the actual bedtime. This may seem silly, but it is important. When you say that it is going to be bedtime soon every day, the child will automatically get ready for bed when he hears this, in a few days.

* Stick to a bedtime - Always stick to a bedtime, say, for example 8.30 pm. The child should go to bed at this time regularly. when this becomes a habit, it will help him to get sound sleep.

* Consistent playtime and mealtimes - This is also important. Have fixed times for meals and playtime. Both should be over well before bedtime.

* Make the bedroom comfortable - Make the child's bedroom quiet, cozy, and perfect for sleeping. You can be creative by adding the child's favourite characters in the bedroom. The bedroom should be pleasant.

* Bed is for sleep - Often, people use bed for playing, eating, snacks, or watching TV. Avoid this . A bed is for sleeping. Use it strictly for that purpose.

* Dress is important - Allow the child to choose the clothes he wants to wear while going to sleep. Comfortable, loose nightwear will help your child to be more relaxed.

* Nap time - Preschool children need to take naps during the daytime too. Most children tend to be active during
the daytime. The best way to encourage napping is to set up a routing for your child, just as you do for bedtime.


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