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Posted By: Khushboo Mahto | 15 Feb 2017

Play always helps children to learn and develop social skills. For small children, there is no distinction between play and learning . For them, they are one and the same. Playing is a priority for children. But nowadays, the very nature of play has changed a lot. The lack of safe places to play is one important reason for this. TV and Internet also eat into the time for play. Therefore, we have to promote playtime for children. Here are some suggestions on how this can be done.

Create safe play environment and toys:- It is most important to provide safe play areas and toys that are safe for children. Choosing toys carefully is also important. Avoid buying toys with sharp edges that can hurt children.When choosing toys for toddlers, take care to ensure that there are no small, removable parts that can be swallowed.

Ensure a wide variety of experiences through play :- Ensure that there are a wide variety of defferent activities in play like asking questions, talking, reading, singing dancing , exploring, listening, and even getting messy at times. The main thing is to fuel craetivity, curiosity, and the desire to learn more through play.

Allow time for free play: It is very important not to interfere in achild's play all the time. Allow time for him to play all by himself. Let him choose what to do.This will help to build self confidence in him.

Step in as a referee or guide :-- When your cnild is playing with others,step in if conflict arises. Offer new props or suggestions when enthusiasm wanes . You can redirect play and channelize it in a different direction if you feel the need to do so.

Playing can help children to gain confidence , self-esteem, build relationships, solve problems, increase vocabulary a d language skills, and anderstand rules and limits. It can also help to discover talents and sparke creativity. Play can also help in sorting out likes and dislikes. In fact, healthy and valuable play touches on every area of a child's development.


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