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Posted By: Aparna Mahto | 08 Feb 2017

Carrots, beetroots, pancakes,salads , forks,knives,ladles. these are words you're familiar with,from the kitchen. Don,t you think it is important for your tiny tot to also familiarize himself with the kitchen and cooking? Here are points that will make you aware of the importance of making your child kitchen friendly.

* It helps in the overall development of the child: When you are in the kitchen, if you give your child simple task, they promote his motor, observation, and logical skills. He gets a chance to get acquainted with domestic chores. If you teach the child simple things like washing his own plates, or cooking a relatively easy dish, then you are imparting an essential life skill to him.

* Promotes healthy eating habits : While they help you cook, you can take your children about healthy foods. Children like making new dishes and eating the food they make. This is an easy way to get them try healthy,new foods.

* Give different tasks at different ages : You can assing your little one different tasks according to his age. A three-year-old can help in carrying things, washing vegetables, or in tearing greens like lettuce or broccoli. A four to six-year-old child can help in kheading dough, peeling boiled eggs, or mashing potatoes. A child of six years or more can beat eggs, spread jam, help measure quantities etc. Keep in mind the age of your child, and never mind the spills. The points is to make him learn, not to make him do it perfectly.

* A way to teach school lessons: When you include your child in kitchen duties, you can make it a fun way to teach him counting and spelling. There are lots of fruits,vegetables, and appliances you can use for this purpose.

So, instead of making the kitchen a mother's only place, make your child know about cooking and kitchen chores. Not only will it help in his personality development,but will also ensure that your child grows in to a more capable and well-equipped individual in future. Make your child eat healthy and fresh food to make him happy and bright!


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