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Colouring and Drawing competition

This is not a competition, in fact just another way to keep your child engaged in beautiful way and an opportunity every month to get prizes. Top three entries will get Certificate of excellence and a lovely gift every month. All other entries will get Certificate of Participation.


1. All entries should be sent to

2. Your email, must include -
(a) Child's Name, Age or DOB, Parents Name
(b) Scan copy or Photo of Color/Drawing work.
(c) A note in email saying "I confirm that this is original work by .....Kids Name...."
(d) School Name & Address
(e) Address (Where gift can be sent if selected in top three entries)
(f) Scan copy or Photo of - Child's Birh Certificate or School Admission Copy with DOB or Age visible in it.

3. Top three entris will be selected by Playschoolworld Judges panel and cannot be challenged.

4. Top 3 entris will be listed with Child Name, City, and Colouring/Drawing work

5. may use the entries in website, but will never sale or redistribute to third party

6. Child's Age must be 7 Years or less (not that anyone hate 7+, just to give fair chance to kiddies.)

7. Decision regarding prizes for Top 3 entries will be taken by Playschoolworld Team. We are sure, you and kids going to love it, however this cannot be challenged to claim gift of your choice.

8. Safety and Privacy is always our 1st priority
If you want Child's photo and address to be published on, Please mention that explicitely in your email, else Kids photo and address will not be published on website.

9. If Our Judges find any entry/email misleading, or Colouring/Drawing not done by Kids, such email id will be resticted for entry.

10. Only initial 100 entries will be considered for prizes every month, so earlier you send the entry, better chance to win a prize!

11. This Rules and Terms can be modified anytime without prior notice.

We are eagerly waiting for your entries, Get a paper and a pen, pencil or few colors to your kids, if not done already!

Thank You