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04 Sep 2017 | Petals Play School | 672 views
Good facility of preschool in Noida
07 Oct 2017 | Narendra Pratap Singh | 441 views
Narendra international school
08 Feb 2017 | Aparna Mahto | 578 views
08 Jan 2017 | Playschoolworld | 634 views
08 Jan 2017 | Playschoolworld | 494 views
Kejriwal government passes three bills to ‘reform’ Delhi’s education system
09 Jun 2017 | Jasmine | 501 views
Japos early child care Blog
09 Sep 2017 | Playschoolworld | 590 views
Pradyuman, we are ashamed my dear
10 Jan 2017 | Playschoolworld | 559 views
गाँधी जी के जीवन के प्रेरक प्रसंग - 1
10 Jan 2017 | Playschoolworld | 502 views
Best ever quote on Education - By Indira Gandhi
12 Jan 2017 | Playschoolworld | 549 views
गाँधी जी के जीवन के प्रेरक प्रसंग - 3
12 Jan 2017 | Playschoolworld | 520 views
गाँधी जी के जीवन के प्रेरक प्रसंग - 2
13 Feb 2017 | Aparna Mahto | 535 views
Bachpan Bachao Andolan
15 Feb 2017 | Khushboo Mahto | 500 views
16 May 2017 | Sonu Pillay | 541 views
Little Elly Pallikaranai
17 Feb 2017 | Aparna Mahto | 560 views
17 Nov 2016 | Mrs.Shruti Rattan | 519 views
Pre-preparedness for pre-schoolers
17 Nov 2016 | Mrs.Shruti Rattan | 509 views
Turning nose UP!!
17 Sep 2016 | Billu Badshah | 454 views
Is Media Playing good role for Child Empowerment
17 Sep 2017 | Playschoolworld | 501 views
a user or an user - which is correct?
24 Jan 2017 | Playschoolworld | 647 views
Demonetisation and cashless economy to be included in school syllabus in Rajasthan (India)
24 May 2018 | Diksha Sharma | 60 views
How the PYP and MYP Prepares Students for the IB Program
26 Mar 2017 | Aparna Mahto | 522 views
Spending Quality Time with Your Preschool Child
28 Sep 2016 | Aparna Pankaj Mahto  | 552 views

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29 Nov 2016 | Spoorthi
Rock Cress Global Preschool
There is no proper teacher for pre school and no children play area or no games for them to play. Even same teacher handles daycare children also. No hygiene maintained. They will leave children to play among themselves and teachers go outside by keeping 1 ayamma to take care of all kids. No proper CCTV surviallence and they say they have the facility. My Son of 2 years has affected a lot in this daycare. I am strictly not recommending to specially daycare(since there is no ratio for each ayamma) and also for pre-school.
23 Mar 2017 | Playschoolworld
Ayansh Balvatika
Welcome to Playschoolworld! Please add more details like school timings, courses, activities, and anything else you want to add. You cal also create Photo Album for any function recently held at school.
23 Jun 2018 | Sameer Malhotra
Modern Montessori International Kalyanmayee
I highly recommend MMI Kalyanmayee play school.. the services they provide are out of the world.The care and affection they handled each child with, multiple training sessions they went through and transparency with which they deal with parents.
21 Mar 2017 | Playschoolworld
Unikids a play school
Thank you for registration, please update school details as much as possible so parents can view and get benefited from all the information.
20 Mar 2017 | Rajendra Bhandari
Euro Kids, Sowcarpet
Worst pre school. Irresponsible attitude of Centre head ms.geeta lakshmi and teachers. Completely careless and arrogant in taking responsibility of kids instead of taking responsibilities staff members will keep arguing with parents.
20 Feb 2017 | Rajeev kumar
Smt Ramkuwar Devi Fomra Vivekananda Vidyalaya
Dear Teachers, Please can you upload photos of last trip to Dakshin Chitra for class 4 students here at, so we can view and if anyone want can download the picture.
16 May 2017 | Nilesh Pillay
Little Elly Pallikaranai
Whenever we select school for our little ones, we should look for the behavior of the staff in the school. Sometimes school may charge little high, but with my personal experience I feel that when my child is small he/she should be in safe hand so that I am satisfied and tension free. My child is currently going to Little Elly Pallikaranai and I love it. Reason for selecting Little Elly Pallikaranai are; 1) Friendly, caring teachers and other staff. 2) Centre Head is always ready to listen to our requirements. 3) Good curriculum, method of teaching. 4) Child loves to go to sc
15 Apr 2016 | Renu
Little Elly Sholinganallur
My kid is studying in Little Elly sholinganallur. I'm very satisfied with my kid's progress. Cleanliness & safety of the kid's are very excellent. 100 % I recommend other parents who is seeking for playschool admission for your kids.
10 Nov 2017 | Nikhil Lanjewar
Vatsalya Playgroup & Daycare
My experience with Vatsalya has been very short and unpleasant, and I'd recommend reader discretion while going through this review. Although it seems like this facility works out for most 'normal' scenarios, I found Ms Parinda pretty callous and insensitive with parental consent while admitting my 3 year old. My consent was never sought by the facility while admitting my daughter (my now estranged wife admitted my daughter without my consent) and when I communicated my discord regarding my daughter's uninformed admission to the facility by personally speaking to Ms Parinda, she would go on to
05 Sep 2017 | Pankaj Kumar Roy
Thank you for validating contact details! This will help parents and other visitors to trust this listing. Appreciate all good work you are doing and best of luck.

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